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We are a group of individuals who already like to quilt, or would like to start, who want to grow and learn more about quilting, and who want to enjoy the fellowship and friendship of other quilters.


This group is not exclusive to the makers of quilts, but includes all who find interest and worth in the collection and preservation of our fiber arts and heritage. 

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Our History


In 1987, Diane Hienton and Barb Lister were new to Denver. They missed the large active guilds they had known in other locations. With the encouragement of their small neighborhood quilting group, The Piece Corps, they started planning how to organize a quilt group.


As former teachers, they knew how to plan! Hours were spent developing goals and a direction for this new guild. They advertised an organizational meeting to be held in May 1987 at the Castlewood Library.


On May 21, 1987 the first meeting of Arapahoe County Quilters was held. At the June meeting, 35 members paid dues of $10 and the guild was off and running.

Founding Officers

  • President - Diane Hienton

  • Vice-President - Barb Lister

  • Secretary - Karen Nein

  • Treasurer - Mary Beth Matousek

Past Presidents

1987-89                        1996-97                        2009

Diane Hienton             Kathy Giese                 Sharon Mirabella


1988-89                        1997-98                        2010-12

Barb Lister                   Laurie Asbell                Lucy Rognes


1989-90                        1998-99                        2012

Karen Nein                   Betsy Tauer                 Julie Birdwell


1990-91                        1999-01                        2013-14

Afton Barnes               Christine Hause          Kathy Ruppert


1991-92                        2001-02                        2015

Carol Medsker             Cindy Harp                  Amy Flynn


1992-93                        2002-03                       2016

Sherri Driver                Francie Fiechter         Pat Syta 


1993-94                        2003-04                       2017

Christine Brown          Nathlia Holtz              Kelly Collins  


1994-95                        2004-06                       2018

Joan Christopherson  Barbara Karst             Jenny Kay Parks


1995-96                        2007-08                       

Bonnie Comar             Denise Starck             


Demo Night. January 2017.

Read our current 

Bylaws and Standing Rules

(updated 2/23/18)

Proposed Bylaw Changes (9/24/19)



2nd Thursdays, 6:50 pm

First Plymouth Congregational Church

3501 S. Colorado Blvd.
Englewood, CO

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